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Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007, 10:45 am
Day 5 (Whoo, actual journaling!)

Mike was sick today, so there was a sub. She didn't arrive until 7:46 (class started at 7:50), and she walked in and said, "Hello, I'm the sub today, right?" I explained that I was an intern, just here to observe and jump in when wanted. She made some comment about being happy that someone with more content knowledge was there, and then the bell rang.

Class was easy enough - Mike had left videos for her to show, since he wasn't there, so we started up the video, prefaced with a 'watch for differences and similarities between organisms'. Video started, and the sub turned out the lights (against my better judgement, but I'm just an intern). Immediately, about half the class started doing other homework.

So, I walked around the class behind the kidlets, being passively menacing, told a couple of them to stop reading (more than once), and when the video got over, the sub looked at me and said, "I'm an English/French/History teacher. You lead the discussion." 0_0. Uhm...fuck? But okay. Quick on my feet, I did just that...except they stonewalled me. Damn you, kids, not answering my questions...

I did end up getting a couple answers out of them, though, after an uncomfortably long wait time (I actually think it was about 4 seconds, but it felt like an eternity). But, of course, since none of them had been paying attention, discussion capability was limited, so we went on to the second video (but not before I commented that they need to be sure they were paying attention and trying to make connections between organisms and diversity).

</lj>Anyway, it was an enjoyable day. Frightening, yes, but enjoyable. Now for 14 hours on campus...oh, be still, my beating heart.